Present Projects


(These are services and activities re-commencing from 2018 – present)

In the past, MHF provided assistance to anyone in need and had depended largely on public funding. After months of research, however, it has now adopted a new community model of social enterprise which is both innovative and modern, thus enabling it to be financially sustainable and profitable whilst contributing back to the community. 

MHF will continue to build on its past strengths and has identified services which are currently lacking and in demand in Malaysia. It aims to empower all segments of society, namely both those who are financially able to utilise and pay for services rendered by MHF and also to the needy, who may apply for subsidies / financial grants to be awarded to them in order that they too can enjoy these benefits. MHF endeavours to work with strategic partners and donors to build a strong foundation upon which it may draw its resources upon. This will ensure a model that is financially sustainable, ethical, equiptable and socially relevant.  

Social Enterprise

MHF is set up under the auspices of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (“SSM”), a statutory body under the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism. MHF has invested a minority stake in a social enterprise entitled Ribuan Bendera Sdn Bhd (“RB”), which operates and manages Suria Medicare Concierge Sdn Bhd (“SMC”). (For more details, please refer to the website, also known as )

These services will continue to expand and will eventually focus on integrated care for the elderly as well as for the disabled and those with special needs. MHF is also involved with environmental projects (For more details, please refer to the website Interested volunteers may participate in these projects as opportunities arise.

 Silver Hair / Elderly Care Projects

(This applies to those in Malaysia who are 60 years of age and above)

Do you know that:

  • By the year 2020, the number of individuals who are 60 years of age and above is expected to be approximately 3.5 million, which is about 10% of the total population of 32.3 million;
  • By the year 2030, this figure is expected to rise to approximately 5.5 million, which is about 15% of the total population of 36.4 million;
  • By the year 2040, this figure will be roughly 10.4 million people, which is about 25% of the total population of 41.5 million.

In view of this, there is a pressing need to build an integrated, viable system that canhelp this ageing population to grow old with both grace and dignity.

Special Needs / Disabled Project

There is a growing need for the provision of care for individuals with special needs. We must see this from a holistic perspective in order to provide practical and efficient solutions. This includes options for care at various locations, for example at home, work, schools, offices, day care, etc. 

Environmental / Sustainability Projects

There are many environmental projects that volunteers can sign up for. To give just one example, solid waste is one of the major environmental problems in Malaysia. In addition, the ability and willingness to reuse, recycle and reduce (3R) different materials is imperative for long term sustainability. This cannot be done overnight. It will require the work of volunteers to increase awareness and to change destructive patterns of behaviour over a period of time.

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