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Greetings !

Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation (“MHF”) is an official member of World Kindness Movement (“WKM”).

We support volunteerism activities that can help improve the environment and clean-ups as we do to also help people in Malaysia that includes people who are lesser fortunate or special people on kindness and caring activities. It is a mammoth task for us to attempt to undertake and we definitely cannot do this alone. Please help us and join us for the World Kindness Day (WKD).

If you wish to Partner us, we welcome you ! We are also open to take in your ideas, thoughts and initiatives too.

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We Are Helping to Drive Volunteers to Help in the Following Areas:

  1. Volunteers that can utilize their skills (whatever that maybe: medical and non medical volunteers or professionals and non professionals) to help people in need;
    We are looking for e.g. Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers, Yoga Teachers, Tutors, Motivators, Retirees, Fresh Graduates, Job Recruiters, Events Person, Professionals, Chaperones etc. to help the community in need. The list is not exhaustive while we will match the request with the providers (state by state and need by need where possible).
  2. To see which NGOs and community service providers that are in need of volunteers and help with kindness services;

    We wish to know of what areas of help NGOs and community service providers will need and see if we can help with the match. It could be to paint the NGO home, to cut the grass, to help with the IT works or websites for the NGOs, do groceries for the NGOs, food for the poor and the needy, medical support, drive special people to the Park, provide tutoring to orphans, provide motivation and encourage for students and elderly etc.
  3. To see if Corporates and Government Agencies and Bodies can also join this World Kindness Day Movement too;

    To see if you can provide in-kind help and support to the community. To see if your office team can also participate in the event too to help as we need all the help we can to do this for the community.
  4. To see if we can encourage States and Local Governments to adopt their district or their municipality or their City to be as World Kindness City or Town or District in Malaysia;

    This can help to unify the residents and the communities in the city or in the towns where aspects of cleanliness, sustainability, green, hygiene, digital, support, empathy, inter-generational, friendliness and kindness are taking into consideration by the population with on-going programs and awareness. This can be translated to a measurable index to show that the city or the town is with a good index for kindness and empathy. This is to be benchmarked with global references and standards while understanding local needs, priorities and requirements.
  5. To participate to see how we can show acts of kindness and empathy for yourself, your family, your neighbor and the community.

    You can do this activity anywhere. We will be wanting to do a World Kindness Day Malaysia 2020 Challenge on this so that we can be encouraged positively to see all the possible ways that we can care for ourselves and for one another.

Tell a Friend and/or a Family to Also Join in !

We cannot do this alone and will be needing to partner with light-minded governments, corporates, NGOs, community service providers, activists, individuals that are prepared to step-up to support and participate for this event and activities. We are trying to encourage for more participation for selflessness and empathy for this World Kindness Day. We hope that even after the WKD, that the acts of selflessness and empathy can continue to snowball and grow to support the “Strengthening of A Caring Society and Culture” for Malaysia. 

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