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Malaysian Humanitarian Foundation is a tax exemption organisation. Donors can donate to us for our general activities as donors can also donate to a specific charity via us where we will help ensure that there is 100% governance to the money provided and if there are KPIs expected from donors. We will not charge or take any admin fee for assisting in the services.

All workings will be made known clearly prior to any of the workings being undertaken. If we are to charge, it will also be made known upfront so that all the works are clear, professional and proper all the time for all parties concern.

This is an initiative that we can see that we can support individual donors and corporate donors better as we have our past global best practice experience to help us to guide us for the community services and community giving.

Items Made for Fundraising for Specific Causes

  • BAGS – Whaleshark Tote Bag
  • BAGS – Whaleshark Tote Bag
  • BAGS – Sea Jelly Hip Pack
  • SMP Ruler
  • SMP Turtle Necklace
  • SMP Comic
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